Darrow launches new Skinsec moisturizer in economical packaging

Darrow launches new Skinsec moisturizer in economical packaging

Brand: Darrow

Category: , Services

Release date: 09/26/2017

Darrow's new Skinsec lotions for daily moisturizing complement the daily beauty routine by treating the skin. Now SkinSec Moisturizing Lotion with Smoothing Perfume and SkinSec Moisturizing Lotion without Perfume have won more charming and economical packaging - to be used to the last drop, avoiding waste.

Absorbed in just one minute, the lotions were developed to leave the skin super hydrated for 24 hours. The formula contains a unique powerful multifunctional system that protects and prevents water loss from the skin as it has high hydrolipidic barrier repair power. SkinSec Moisturizing Lotion has soft and pleasant perfume.

For skin sensitized by dermatological procedures or allergies, SkinSec Moisturizing Lotion without perfume prevents irritations by minimizing the reactions. An exclusive active ensures anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action.

Products are for sale in specialized pharmacies, in packs of 200ml, for R $ 54.90 each.

SAC: 0800 702 10 37

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