Inoar develops multifunctional products that treat hair, skin and body

Inoar develops multifunctional products that treat hair, skin and body

Brand: Inoar

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Release date: 09/26/2017

INOAR company specialized in products for hair is launching good ideas in multifunction products that promise to facilitate the day to day of those who want to keep skin and hair well taken care of.

Kalice, premium multifunctional oil, can be applied from head to toe. With a combination of 7 vegetable oils promises to moisturize, nourish, repair and act as an antioxidant and can be applied to the hair, face and entire body. To apply two droplets in the water acts as a makeup remover, leaving a delicious scent on the skin, company says. (R $ 69.90)

The Moisturizing Thermal Water, a spray that uniforms the skin, closes the pores and promotes immediate light. In addition to nourishing, the product contains Argan oil and grape seed that keep the skin moisturized for longer. (R $ 69.90)

And Colorist, a multifunctional dye that can be used as liquid lipstick and blush. The packaging looks like a glaze of enamel, and the brush can be applied to the lips or face promoting a slight pigmentation. Does not stain, is easy to apply and ensures a flushed air, brightening the appearance. (R $ 59.90)
Branded products can be found in retail.

SAC 11 4135-4555

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