Spa da Pele  launches nano-particle whitening product

Spa da Pele launches nano-particle whitening product

Brand: Spa da Pele

Category: , Services

Release date: 10/05/2017

Attentive to market niches, Spa a Pele launches Nano Kojicx, to lighten regions of the body that suffer friction and tend to darken, such as: armpits, groin, inner thigh and even the lower buttocks of those who work sitting for long time.

After the success of the Kojirroz exfoliator, the company applied even more technology in Nano Kojicx, a liquid product that contains kojic acid nanoparticles, which rapidly promotes an improvement in skin texture, brightening the region. "The nanoparticles penetrate very easily into the skin, to the deepest layers, so the result is immediate and potentiated," says the CEO of Pele's Spa Group, Lucienne Souza.

Combined with the Kojirroz exfoliant, which removes excess surface cells and begins to lighten the region, the nanoparticles of Nano Kojicx reach the deeper layers, further treating the already exfoliated region.

The result is a hyperpigmentation free skin, healthy, luminous and homogeneous.

SAC: 0800 600 5350

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