Eudora Launches Matte Pencil Lipstick

Eudora Launches Matte Pencil Lipstick

Brand: Eudora

Category: , Services

Release date: 10/11/2017

Eudora (Grupo Boticário) has developed a limited edition of the #ColorMatte line of pencil lipsticks.

There are seven color-trend: Nude Carmine, Pink Catwalk, Purple Vip, Brown Style, Red Parade, Pink Fashion and Cherry Top.

With quick and accurate application, the pencil format provides greater firmness when working around the lips and is practical to carry in the bag.

"They are two products in one! The shape of the Pencil Lipstick allows you to make the outline by drawing the lips and then fill in completely. Ideal even for those who have no practice on apply the lipstick, "says Lavoisier, Eudora makeup artist. Actress Bruna Marquezine stars in the campaign.

Multichannel, Eudora reaches women through direct sales, own stores, kiosks and e-commerce.

SAC: 0800 727 45 35

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