Alta Moda features hair repair line

Alta Moda features hair repair line

Brand: Alta Moda

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Release date: 10/17/2017

To recover the hair, recovering all its shine and health, Alta Moda é ... presents Hair Repair, an Alfaparf Cosmetica Di Trattamento line ideal for treating the devitalized and damaged capillary fiber.

The Hair Repair line is made with Keratrix, an active hydrolyzate of cereals extracted from the plant proteins of rice, wheat and corn, which act on the molecular capillary fiber by affinity .

This component forms bonds with the negative charge amino acids of keratin and contributes to the stabilization of the peptide chains of the fibers, that is, it restructures the modified and damaged wires, forming a protective film that repairs the capillary tissue, protecting it against external aggressions.

Phytokeratin is a compound made of the mixture of free amino acids found in plants that fuses with the amino acids naturally present in hair, increasing the capillary mass and maintaining the moisture level of the hydrolipidic layer. It still has low molecular weight, therefore penetrates the wire, providing repair of the fiber and increase of its resistance.

The line is composed by: Shampoo - R $ 18,22; Conditioner - R $ 20,00; Combing Cream - R$ 18.00; Mascara - R$ 26.21 and Ampola Power Repair - R$ 18.53 a box with 3 units. On sale at retail and in salons.

SAC: 0800 0212 652

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