Acqua Di Parma presents Pure Colony

Acqua Di Parma presents Pure Colony

Brand: Acqua Di Parma

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Release date: 11/03/2017

Acqua Di Parma has created a journey of style and creative expression. And now with Colonia Pura, opens a new chapter.

Colonia Pura claims a tradition of refinement and style. Like the original Colonia de Acqua Di Parma, the new Colonia Pura captures the joy, culture and warmth of the Italian lifestyle. An exclusive scent, made for men and women with contemporary sophistication and elegance.
The atmosphere is warm and sunny with bright shades of citrus, inviting to intriguing natural and urban environments. It radiates sensuality, combined with fresh energy and modern lightness. Fresh and sunny bergamot is combined with notes of orange juice and delicate touches of petitgrain, which bring new light and air to the classic citrus structure. Then comes the seductive and attractive vital energy of the heart: the floral sweetness of the daffodils and jasmins blends in completely with the spicy notes of coriander in an unexpected swing. The warm, sophisticated scent of patchouli and cedar lies at the base of the fragrance with the delicate but persistent notes of white musk. The result is a luminous dynamism that celebrates life, inspires and opens new forms of expression.

The iconic bottle of Acqua di Parma with its Art Deco charm also received a new, lighter interpretation. Although its classic shape remains the same, the new gray and silver elements show a clean and pure approach for the refined pleasure. The pump can be separated from the weak, making it recyclable - to responsible sources locally and internationally.
The brand is distributed in Brazil by the LVMH Group. Acqua di Parma - Colonia Pura 50 ml, R $ 400,00; 100 ml, R 560.00.

SAC na selling points: 0800-170506

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