Phebo has prepared charming kits for Christmas

Phebo has prepared charming kits for Christmas

Brand: Phebo

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Release date: 11/13/2017

Phebo (Grupo Granado) prepares itself for Christmas season and launches several gift alternatives in charming kits.

Among them we highlight the Barba Cedro Moroccan kit, which brings products (2 Creamy Soaps, 1 Shampoo and 1 Shaving Foam) with the Moroccan Cedar fragrance, from the Mediterranean line.

The kit contains moisturizing vegetable-based soap, enriched with murumuru butter, to moisturize and nourish the skin; Shampoo with mint extract, mentila lactate and D-Panthenol, both with moisturizing action and an association of vegetable extract of burdock with biotin (vitamin H) and zinc salts that have anti-rust action. The kit also includes Styling Foam of unique format for this kit and is rich in ingredients that make it easy to shave, which moisturize and help in the healing of the skin. (R $ 64)

Another highlight is the Line Spices of the Culinary, whose proposal is to encourage the pleasure of cooking without there being the concern with the smell of certain foods impregnate hands.

The products are formulated with actives that neutralize odors of ingredients and leave the hands and the environment slightly fragrant. The fragrance chosen was that of the Sage Leaves, since the essence of the sage has high power of fixation and deodoration.

The line is composed by the Liquid Soap Antiodor 500 ml; KitAntiodor Hands (250 ml Anti-Sweat Liquid Soap + 240g Anti-Sweat Hands Cream); Perfumed Kitchen Scented Kit (2x120g scented candles) and Anti-Sweat Bar Soap Kit, 2x150g. (R $ 62)

Another proposal is the Timor kit, with perfume and soap, from the Citric family, Spicy Wood. The fragrance, developed from the spice Timur Pepper, has refreshing starting notes and harmonious contrasts cold and warm notes. Timur comes from Nepal, belongs to the genus Citrus. Created by the perfumer Serge Majoullier, the Perfume Timur goes through the maceration process, which guarantees greater intensity of olfactory notes and superior quality to the product. (100ml, R$ 178). The soap is enriched with murumuru butter that provides softness and hydration to the skin. (150g, R $ 16.50)

SAC: 0800 940 6730

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