Avon brings kits for Christmas for the whole family

Avon brings kits for Christmas for the whole family

Brand: Avon

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Release date: 11/29/2017

Avon has prepared for this Christmas several gift kits for the whole family, with fragrances, body products, face care products, make-up and men's products wrapped in packages and accessories that make all the charm of the gift.

Highlight for the Luck La Vie Gift ($ 89.99), consisting of Fragrance Body Deodorant Lotion. 90 ml, Nécessaire made of synthetic material, with zipper closure and mate effect. 20 x 5 x 8 cm and Luck La Vie For Her Deo Parfum. 50 ml. Created Fruity Floral fragrance, which unites luxury and sophistication through strawberry notes enveloped by the delicacy of flowers and the comfort of cedar wood.

And for the Gift Luck kit for Him ($ 89.99), with the fragrance For Him Deo Parfum. 75 ml, After Shave Lotion. 100 ml and the plastic bag. 20 x 5 x 8 cm with zipper closure and mate effect.

The Encanto Delicadeza (Gentle Delicacy Gift) (R $ 21.99) brings Body Moisturizer 80 ml, Hand Cream 30 g and a Creamy Soap, 1 unit of 80 g.
The Gift Encanto Minicremes Mãos (Charming Hand Minicremes) (R $ 21.99) brings inside a large Christmas Tree Ball (12 cm), the mini products: Hand Cream. Seduction, Elegance and Delicacy. 30 g.

And yet Irresistible Charm Gift (R $ 25.99), which contains 200 ml Body Moisturizer and 2 units of 80 g Cream Soap each.

SAC: 0800 708 28 66

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