L´Oreal brings purifying masks to the country

L´Oreal brings purifying masks to the country

Brand: L'Oreal

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Release date: 01/11/2018

To activate the "renewal" project for the new year, it is worth investing in invigorating care to reorganize and update the beauty care routine and L'Oreal Paris has just brought to the country its Detox Pure Clay masks, which guarantee a Perfect skin in just 10 minutes.

In three versions, the masks deliver the ideal result thanks to formulas specifically developed for every need of the skin: the Matifying version has Eucalyptus Extract; the Illuminator mask, Mineral Coal; and the Exfoliating version is enriched with Red Algae. The three also have different types of Clay in the base of the composition, which can be combined into fun multimaskings, according to each need of the points of the face.

The Detox Mask Pure Clay Mask is ideal for reducing oiliness, has purifying, antiseptic and softening properties - beneficial for mixed to oily skin - prone to imperfections. It has antioxidant function, helping to eliminate toxins that can accelerate aging. (40g, R $ 18.40)

The Pure Brightening Clay Detox Mask uniforms the skin and has extraordinary absorption capacity, with high purifying power and detox. Charcoal acts like a magnet and is especially beneficial for urban skins, subject to stress and pollution. Purifies and makes pores less visible. (R $ 40g, R $ 25.80)

Detox Clay Pure Exfoliating Mask renew the skin and use the Red Seaweed extracts to calm it. Its softening properties ensure a soft touch after application of the Mask. (40g, R $ 25.80)

On sale in the specialized retail, beauty sites and on the L'Oreal website.

SAC: 0800 701 6992

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