Mary Kay develops new nude shades for itslipsticks line

Mary Kay develops new nude shades for itslipsticks line

Brand: Mary Kay

Category: , Services

Release date: 01/22/2018

Inspired by Italian catwalks and launched in late 2016, Mary Kay's Matte Lipstick line comes back with new, easy-to-apply matte-toned lipstick shades. There are four new tone options. One for each mood, each production. The nudes, which gain more and more versatility in the line "less is more".

The new lipsticks offer high pigmentation and slide easily on the lips, delivering performance and comfort. The new colors are: Perfetto Nude, Baccio Nude, Favorite Nude and Nude Passione and complement the 15 shades of the Matte line. Matissimo!

Mary Kay products are found through direct sales and on the brand's website. Matte lipsticks cost $ 49.90 each

SAC: 4003-4620 (capitals and metropolitan regions)

0800 16 31 13 (other regions)

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