Memphis renova Ann Bow brand and focus on sustainability

Memphis renova Ann Bow brand and focus on sustainability

Brand: Memphis

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Release date: 01/25/2018

The gaucho Memphis, from Porto Alegre (RS) renews Ann Bow brand and features eco-friendly products. Soaps and deodorants carry natural oils in the composition and they have gained oxy-biodegradable plastic packaging, offering consumers well-being for body and mind with environmentally friendly products.

On the market since 1989, Ann Bow Glycerinated Soaps offer hydration and refreshment to the skin, cleansing and perfuming it gently. The products have herbal essence, with fresh and vibrant aromas and moisturizing and invigorating action. Each fragrance is associated with sensory and therapeutic benefits from raw materials. The packaging, whose concept is of Dragon Rouge agency, seek to convey these effects and broaden the experience of consumers with the product.

Produced in oxy-biodegradable plastic, which contains no heavy metals, ie is less polluting than conventional and biodegradable plastics. The change reflects the company's commitment to more sustainable practices, such as the reuse of rainwater, and the proper disposal of waste, among others.

The Ann Bow brand portfolio comprises of glycerin soaps, liquid soaps and spray deodorants.

Glycerinated soaps comes in 90g packaging and are available in seven fragrances: Jasmin, revitalizing effect; Herbs, tranquillizer; Roses, aromatic; Lavender, soothing; Glycerin, astringent; Sicilian, Tonifying and Clay Lemon, with a stimulating effect (R $ 2.39).

The liquid soap version, available in pack of 340ml, offers three fragrance options: Herbs, Roses and Glycerin. (R $ 12.90).

The products with the new Ann Bow communication are already available in perfumeries, supermarkets and pharmacies all over Brazil.

SAC 0800 512 282

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