Embelleze presents Novex Greek Yogurt

Embelleze presents Novex Greek Yogurt

Brand: Embelleze

Category: , Services

Release date: 01/29/2018

Embelleze, a company from Rio de Janeiro specialized in hair, was inspired by the gastronomy to develop a hair cream with irresistible consistency: Novex Iogurte Grego.

The new product includes a load of proteins and honey to offer greater hydration and the texture presents greater consistency and more creaminess to promote volume and malleability to the threads, guaranteeing healthy, resistant and well treated hair.

Honey recovers dry and lifeless hair, adding more hydration and shine as well as assisting in repair to double ends.

The product is available in retail throughout the country for the suggested price of R $ 26,50
SAC: 0800-881-2667

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