Natura Tododia presents new body line Flor of Lis

Natura Tododia presents new body line Flor of Lis

Brand: Natura

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Release date: 02/06/2018

Natura presents the Tododia Flor de Lis line (fleur de lys), with unique formulas to feel and involve the entire body since the bath. They are 5 products with soft textures that nourish, moisturize and perfume with a fresh and delicate fragrance with velvety touch of the petals of fleur de lis, prolonging the delicious sensation of the bath. They are suitable for normal to dry skins.

"The exclusive formula with a high concentration of 100% vegetable oils, which have greater affinity with the skin, allows better absorption of the nutrients needed to rebalance it throughout the day," explains Claudia Pinheiro, Director of Personal Care Marketing at Natura.

Line is composed of: Mousse Moisturizing Deodorant of Bath is the highlight of the line. It has a mousse consistency and velvety texture that forms a delicate film on the skin, with an explosion of perfumes. Ideal for women seeking more practicality, already leaving the bath with hydrated and fragrant skin. With rinse. (R $ 31.90 - 200 ml)

The Body Moisturizing Deodorant, presents a fresh and smooth floral fragrance. The texture is velvety. Instantly nourishes and moisturizes the skin. The formula is enriched with nutritious oils and essential vitamins. It has dry touch and is of quick absorption. (R $ 39.90 - 400ml)

Hand moisturizer brings new formula with even lighter texture than other versions of the line and dry touch to ensure rapid absorption and gentle hydration. Forms a protective film on the skin. (R $ 21,70 - 50ml)

Perfumed Spray Deodorant, has green floral fragrance with sweet notes. It can be sprayed at any time of day to perfume the skin, prolonging the feeling of freshness of the bath. (R $ 49.90 - 200 ml)

The Bar Soap cleans gently. It has a creamy moisturizing texture and forms abundant foam on the skin. (R $ 17.90 - 5 units of 90g)

"Tododia is a brand that carries in its essence the invitation to touch, thanks to the sensoriality of its products, with cozy fragrances and innovative textures," says Claudia Pinheiro.

Natura products can be found through brand consultants, at Rede Natura ( or at the brand's own stores in São Paulo. and Rio de Janeiro.

SAC: 0800 115566

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