Glitter Loose! arrives in the country right on time

Glitter Loose! arrives in the country right on time

Brand: Kiko Milano

Category: , Services

Release date: 02/09/2018

Kiko Millano brings Glitter Loose! to the country right in the Carnival and at a time when the glitter broke out among the revelers. In São Paulo, in Largo da Batata there is a shower of glitter to make a dancer without a fantasy more festive.

And Glitter Loose! Comes to the country in Glitter loose for face and body, which creates light effects and points of light. Available in 4 reference colors - white, pink, gold and red - all with metallic and sparkling finish.

It is a loose glitter that does not damages the skin. It is made of Polyethylene Terephthalate, which is a thermoplastic and polyurethane.

Sold on the brand website for R $ 69,90

SAC: 0800 719 92 16

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