Revlon brings to the Brazilian market its new megavolume mask

Revlon brings to the Brazilian market its new megavolume mask

Brand: Revlon

Category: , Services

Release date: 02/15/2018

Revlon brings to the country its new Revlon Mega Multiplier ™ eyelash mascara, which wraps the eyelashes with 360º tubes, delivering extreme volume and length, without smudging or migrating, the company says.

The Revlon Mega Multiplier ™ mask tubing technology consists of a polyurethane copolymer base that offers the same benefits of waterproof masks, but without the difficulty of removal. It can be easily removed with warm water. After application, the copolymer creates an adhesive fitting around each fiber (also known as a "360 ° tube"), which prevents wear of the product throughout the day.

The fiber formula gives more volume and length. Combined with tube technology, the company says eyelashes become 96% bulky, non-stacked and stain-proof, in a single step.

In Blackest Black color the product is distributed in Brazil by Multi B, a company of the Boticário Group, for the suggested price of R $ 43,90

SAC: 0800 7733450

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