Grandes Marcas develops Batman Line for Men

Grandes Marcas develops Batman Line for Men

Brand: Grandes Marcas

Category: , Services

Release date: 02/14/2018

Grandes Marcas, a joint venture between Nutriex and Biotropic, also distributor of licensed products, expanded the portfolio dedicated to the male audience with the Batman for Men kit, inspired by one of the most beloved comic book characters and of the screens.

The line is made up of 4 in 1 shampoo and colognes with refreshing fragrances. The set is a gift choice for superhero fans. There are two fragrances: Intense For Men and Sauvage For Men.

For hair, shampoo offers 4 in 1 treatment: it can be used to wash and condition hair and beard, and also as liquid soap. The 4 in 1 formula offers hydration and is aimed at those who seek practicality on a day to day basis.

The packaging of the products has the design inspired by the theme of the hero and is available in two color options: red and blue, different according to the fragrance of the product. The colony comes in glass jar with 50ml and Shampoo 4 in 1 in plastic packaging with 120ml.

Batman for Men kit is available in the nation's leading pharmacies, pharmacies and supermarkets. The suggested price is $ 49.90.

SAC: 62) 3240-9616

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