Kosmein presents deep hydration line for mature woman´s face

Kosmein presents deep hydration line for mature woman´s face

Brand: Kosmein

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Release date: 03/14/2018

Brasilia Kosmein dermocosmetics brand, manufactured by RTK Indústria, presents five products for the face of its RLMT2 line, of deep hydration and prevention of time signals.

Composed of five products, the line brings the RLMT2 Creamy Foam Soap, for daily skin cleansing, which guarantees cleanliness, freshness and silky skin. For the removal of makeup and cleaning, Água Demaquilante, a water makeup remover, promotes the elimination of wastes with alcohol-free formula and Água de Sálvia (sage water). The product is indicated even for the eye area.

The soothing Toning Lotion has the formula enriched with Rosemary Water, of soothing property, and Biosaccharide, a multisensory moisturizer of vegetable fermentation, which provides well-being feeling nd softens all skin types. The RLMT2 Exfoliator contains small Jojoba granules in the formula to stimulate exfoliation without harming the skin.

The main product of the line however, is the Restorative Cream, a nourishing moisturizer, and signals repairer, which provides lightness and luminosity to the skin. Free from parabens, non-sensitizing and non-irritating, the product is of high absortion and indicated for daily use.

Submited to Allergisa research the restorative cream increases its softness by 26.09%, 30.43% hydration, 2.04% firmness, 39.9% of the skin luminosity of the skin, and decreases by more than 9.1% reduction of average facial wrinkles, if used for 28 consecutive days.

For sale in specialized pharmacies in every country:
Tonic Lotion - 150ml - R $ 82,00
Water Makeup Remover - 150 ml - € 62,00
Creamy Foam Soap - 150 ml - R $ 58,00
Exfoliating Cream - 60g - R $ 60,00
Restorative cream - 50g - R $ 175,00

SAC KOSMEIN: 61 3380-3131

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