Dna Italy launches Cat Nail collection

Dna Italy launches Cat Nail collection

Brand: Dna Italy

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Release date: 03/22/2018

Dna Italy launches the Cat Nail line for the fall / winter season, whose concept is to enhance the unique beauty of each woman through the colors and the shine of the enamels.
The products are formulated based on coconut oil, which strengthen the nails, repairing the damaged parts and providing healthy appearance.
There are eight color options, with names and shades that praise the female personality, encouraging them to be and get where they want.
You are Incredible: intense purple, it stimulates the connection with the mystical side, providing transformation and liberation from insecurity;
You are Linda: the tranquility of being what you are, with all the infinity of Lilac;
You are Powerful: all the strength, dynamism, elegance and refinement that
the burgundy color offers;
You are Unique: softness and delicacy, in a differentiated rosé;
You are Marvelous: affirmation of sensations and styles, in dark grape tonality;
You are Brilliant: stability and quality, turned into brown closed;
You are Strong: tough as a black diamond, the graphite color brings firmness to important moments.
You Can Be Everything: success and flexibility, bringing the necessary balance, translated into lead gray;
DNA Italy products are found in retail nationwide. The enamels of the Cat Nail line are priced at R $ 5.00 each.

SAC: 11 2368-7067

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