L´Oréal Professionnel presents Power Mix

L´Oréal Professionnel presents Power Mix

Brand: L´Oréal

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Release date: 03/23/2018

L'Oréal Professionnel, innovates and develops in Brazil the Power Mix line, Expert Series, inspired by the wishes of Brazilian women of personalized care for each hair need.

The product has two liquid formulas: Base and an Additive. Mixed, they result in a technological solution, rich in cutting-edge ingredients.

Based on micellar science, which allows the combination of two distinct liquids, PowerMix brings, at the time of mixing, a concentration of actives capable of delivering the results of brightness, repair, health and softness in just 5 minutes.

The Base is a solution rich in conditioning agents and nourishing lipids. Added to it, the consumer chooses an additive or aqueous solution made with pure ingredients, which are the treatment actives, for a Custom Mix, a solution with a high active load, customized for the type of hair and the need that it has.

As a professional product, Power Mix begins with the diagnosis made by the hairdresser, who does a detailed analysis of the hair fiber to discover their real needs. It is he who chooses the Additive that will be used in the treatment and applies the Expert Series Shampoo most suitable for the wires at that moment. The professional then prepares the mixture by tapping the Base + Additive until it has a creamy, bulky, firm but light texture: the Custom Mix.

PowerMix offers 5 additive options for customizable care: Color: color or wick protection; Repair: instant repair; Force: force supplementation; Liss: Intense smooth and long lasting and Nutri: deep nutrition.

The complete treatment has suggested price of $ 180.00 and is found in the main salons of the country.

SAC: 0800 701 7237 ou

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