Caudalie presents Premier Cru Serum

Caudalie presents Premier Cru Serum

Brand: Caudalie

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Release date: 03/30/2018

French brand Caudalie brings to its renowned Premier Cru line, with its unique blend of patents - Polyphenols, Viniferine and Resveratrol of the Vine, important allies of antiaging - a new ally with a new patent: the Premier Cru Serum.
ts very light texture and fast absorption, leaves the skin soft, smooth and luminous. The product relies on proprietary technology, developed in partnership with Harvard Medical School: Vinergy®, which acts at the cellular level.
The patented Vinergy® complex is the unique combination of resveratrol obtained from the vine, a potent anti-wrinkle, naturally occurring betaine known for its calming properties and ability to retain skin hydration. The two ingredients combined have anti-aging properties and, together, provide exceptional results, the company guarantees.

Clinical studies have shown that Vinergy® increased collagen synthesis by 46%, acting on the phases of energy metabolism of cells, which increases their defenses against aging. After seven days of use, more than 80% of the women who tested the product noticed differences, such as firmness, toning and luminosity of the skin.

The full line Premier Cru (Cream, Eye Cream and Precious Oil) has also undergone a reformulation, and is now completely silicone-free.

Caudalie products do not contain parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, sodium laurel sulfate, mineral oils or ingredients of animal origin.
For sale at Caudalie boutique spas, e-commerce brand and Sephora stores.
Premier Cru Serum (30 ml) - R$ 699.00
Premier Cru Creme (50 ml) - R$ 669.00
Premier Cru Eye Cream (15 ml) - R$ 249.99
Premier Cru Precious Oil (30 ml) - R$ 469,00

SAC: 11) 4801-6008

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