Shiseido brings  Future Solution LX line reformulated to the country

Shiseido brings Future Solution LX line reformulated to the country

Brand: Shiseido

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Release date: 04/05/2018

Described as an even deeper skincare experience: the perception of the Japanese concept of wealth through the five senses, Shiseido brings the country the entirely redesigned Future Solution line. According to the company, the renewal of the line, the five senses are invited to participate in the human experience of richness in skincare - genuine and holistic.
In the search for new technologies in skincare, and for the new Future Solution LX, the company has deepened in studies on the vital force of nature and developed the anti-aging ingredient: SkingenecellEnmei, based on the Enmei herb.
The formula of the line helps the skin to become impervious to the damage and develop greater resistance. Future Solution LX contains Japanese botanical ingredients that help the skin's ability to become beautiful from the inside out and reinforce the SkingenecellEnmei's effect, of regenerating cells, the company says. Among them are Premium Green Tea Extract, with antioxidant effect; Hokkaido Angelica Root Extract, which strengthens the epidermis and leaf extract Oshima Sakura, which enhances skin resistance by suppressing elastin breakage.

Line Highlights:\
Shiseido Future Solution LX - Total Protective Emulsion E, rich, multifunctional daytime cream that protects the skin and helps renew its revitalizing forces. Both the emulsion and the cream have a luxurious and soft texture and maintain a deep sensation of hydration during the day. The Premium Sancho extract stimulates the power of self-defense of the skin (Daytime Defense Factor *), bringing its intense beauty that comes from within. (($ 1,599.00, 75ml SPF 20)

Shiseido Future Solution LX - Total Regenerating Cream E, rich and intensive night cream, with the largest amount of SkingenecellEnmei complex of the line, to renew the revitalizing forces of the skin. It also has a dense, creamy texture that melts quickly and creates the nighttime environment. (R $ 1.722,00, 50ml)
Shiseido Future Solution LX - Intensive Firming Contour Serum, intensive and luxurious sedation to the skin. SkingenecellEnmei technology and the botanical extracts of Japan bring a well hydrated skin. (R $ 1,845.00, 50ml)
Shiseido Future Solution LX - Eye & Lip Contour Regenerating Cream E, rich and moisturizing eye and lip cream absorbed instantly, visibly reducing dark circles. The skin assumes a velvety radiance and an impeccable luminosity. (R $ 899,00, 17ml)
Shiseido products are available in the country for specialty stores.

SAC – 0800148023

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