Eudora launches Neo Dermo Etage Eye Contour

Eudora launches Neo Dermo Etage Eye Contour

Brand: Eudora

Category: , Services

Release date: 05/10/2018

EUDORA, Grupo Boticário brand launches another item for the Neo Dermo Etage line of facial treatment: Neo Dermo Etage Eye Contour.

The product is suitable for all ages, has immediate lifting effect to reduce expression lines and wrinkles around the eyes, as well as lighten dark circles and soften bags.

The action of the product is potentiated by the metallic bead applicator, thermal conductors, which create an icy sensation in contact with the skin, activating the blood circulation of the region.

It contains the exclusive Block Effect technology, in which signs of fatigue are blocked immediately, reducing the appearance of fatigue and tireness, prolonging the action against aging of the skin.

"The contour of the eyes is a sensitive and delicate region because the skin is thinner. The appearance of expression lines is more apparent than in the rest of the face, where the blood vessels become more visible due to the thickness of the skin, causing the appearance of dark circles and bags and consequently the aspect of tiredness. A balanced diet, good nights of sleep and an allied product in the treatment of the eye contour drastically minimizes the aging of the region, "says Dr. Alessandra Fraga, Dermatologist at Eudora.

The product can be found through Eudora Representatives, in the e-commerce, own stores or brand kiosks for the suggested price of $ 59.99.

SAC: 0800 727 45 35

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