Boticario´s Cuide-se Bem line gets a new Chestnut fragrance

Boticario´s Cuide-se Bem line gets a new Chestnut fragrance

Brand: O Boticário

Category: , Services

Release date: 06/14/2018

O Boticario takes advantage of hydration power and the delicious smell of the chestnuts to add another fragrance to your most successful body line: Cuide-se Bem Castanhita.

The new line features moisturizing lotion of 400 ml and 200 ml, moisturizing hand cream, body splash, antiperspirant deodorant and bar soap - all products offer comfortable fragrance, prolonged hydration and nutrition to make daily care even more pleasurable.

Mirelle Martinez, manager of Personal Care at Boticário says: "Cuide-se Bem Castanhita is inspired by a Portuguese chestnut mousse and all its creaminess, comfort and coziness to guarantee the small daily rituals of care."

The other novelty of Cuide-se Bem is that some of the lines adored by consumers - Cuide-se Bem Strawberry & Milk, Milk & Honey and Caramelito - now have a Lip Moisturizer with smell and flavor, plus Vitamin E, Shea Butter and SPF 15. To protect and moisturize lips for up to 24 hours against wind, sun and cold.

Castanhita Body Moisturizing Lotion (400 ml, R $ 42.90 and 200 ml, R $ 27.90); Cuide-se Bem Moisturizing Cream for Castanhita Hands (RS 23.90); Body Splash Castanhita (RS 39.90); Roll On Castanhita Antiperspirant Deodorant (RS 18.90); Soap in Barra Castanhita (RS 11.90); Moisturizing Lipstick (R $ 26,90) in the versions Strawberry & Milk, Milk & Honey and Caramelito.

SAC: 0800-413011

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