Nars presents Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

Nars presents Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

Brand: NARS

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Release date: 06/21/2018

NARS Cosmetics presents the Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation, base with 16 hours of duration and intense radiance, guarantees the brand. Its medium to high coverage remains vibrant and fresh for hours, as if it were just applied.

The high durability power is enhanced by a patent-pending technology that offers exceptionally light texture and high flexibility for an effect as natural as the skin itself.
It is formulated with a complex of extracts of raspberry, apple and watermelon, which help support the elastic fibers of the skin to soften and improve its texture and appearance during the day. At the same time, pigments recognize and fuse with the skin for greater accuracy and identification of your tone.

Available in 15 shades, ranging from intense to lighter. Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation was developed to remain natural and radiant on the skin.

Among the available tones are: MANAUS (Dark 1) - Dark with caramel subtom
CADIZ (Medium-Dark 3); Medium dark with caramel and red subtons; TAHOE (Medium-dark 2) - Medium dark with caramel background; STROMBOLI (Medium 3)
Medium with olive subtom; VALLAURIS (Medium 1.5) - Medium with pink subtom; PUNJAB (Medium 1) - Medium with golden peach subtom; FIJI (Light 5) - Yellowish sub-tone for light to medium skin; DEAUVILLE (Light 4) - Light with balance between pink and yellow subtons; MONT BLANC (Light 2) - Light with pink subtom.

On sale at Sephora stores and e-commerce retailer for R $ 275.

SAC 0800 –148023

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