Natura Tododia in new line Hazel and Cassis in limited edition

Natura Tododia in new line Hazel and Cassis in limited edition

Brand: Natura

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Release date: 06/20/2018

Natura Tododia brings the new line Tododia Hazel and Cassis with super creamy products that moisturize the skin deeply, during and after bath, while perfuming with delicious sensual, feminine and mysterious floral fragrance.

The formula of Tododia Hazel and Cassis has a combination of ingredients that moisturize and strengthen the skin barrier, protecting it against external aggressions. In addition to minimizing water loss, its formulations increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin. The creamy textures are ideal for dry to extra dry skin, because they contain nutritious oils and shea butter, which moisturize and deeply restore the skin, avoiding dryness.

Deodorant Body Moisturizing Hazelnut and Cassis, nourishes and deeply moisturizes while perfuming with a sensual floral fragrance. Increases firmness and elasticity of the skin. (R $ 42.50, 400 ml)
Creamy Liquid Soap Hazelnut and Cassis , gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin. (R $ 28.90, 300 ml)

Bar Soap Pure Vegetable Assorted , has a creamy formula that gently cleanses and prevents skin dryness, leaving it soft and silky. The pack contains 1 Hazelnut and Cassis soap, 1 Cherry and Hazelnut soap, 1 Pecan and Shea nut soap, 1 Macadamia soap and 1 Macadamia soap striking. (R $ 21,90, the box with 5 creamy units of 90g each)

The novelties starts to be sold in July.

Tododia inaugurates the new moment of the brand, with the concept 'Wear your skin. Live Your Body, "whose purpose is to help women reconnect with their bodies and rediscover them through touch. "Tododia is a brand that carries in its essence the invitation to touch, thanks to the sensoriality of its products, with cozy fragrances and innovative textures," says Claudia Pinheiro, marketing director of Natura Personal Care.

SAC: 0800 115566

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