L´ Eau d´issey Pure Eau de Parfum arrives in the country

L´ Eau d´issey Pure Eau de Parfum arrives in the country

Brand: Issey Myiaki

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Release date: 07/11/2018

Created in 2016 L'Eau d'issey Pure Eau de Parfum was described as 'The Essence of Water Reinvented' the perfume highlighted the extreme purity of this chord: 'just a drop.'

In 2017, the dew drop bloomed in a petal, brushed by a saline breeze. With the Eau de Toilette Pure L'Eau d'Issey, the awakening of nature in the spring.

Today, Issey Miyake reveals a third moment of complete serenity and blossoms with the Pure Parfum Nectar from L'Eau d'Issey, producing a drop that captures its purest perfume ... its nectar.

Soft and striking, the crystalline juice of a pear, highlighting the brilliance of the absolute rose that exudes its delicate honey. More carnal than ever, it blooms on the shores of a clear water chord.

Creamy sandalwood blends these succulent notes with the scent of the sea, the amber and the cashmeran chord that is the signature of the Pura trilogy of Eau d'Issey.

Dominique Ropion and Fanny Bal invent a natural gourmand, a pearl of nectar dropped into the heart of a flask.

Inspired in the form of a drop, the quintessential image of water, the bottle designed by the American designer Todd Bracher reflects the purity of the fragrance. L'Eau d'Issey Pure, bottle and box take on a golden pink glow of radiant roses.
The brand is distributed in Brazil by RR Perfumes, L'Eau d'issey Pure Eau de Parfum has arrived in the country in 30ml versions, for the suggested price of R $ 259.00; 50ml - R $ 479,00 and 90ml - R $ 559,00

SAC : 0800 77225500

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