Kate Von D pallet of illuminators reaches the country

Kate Von D pallet of illuminators reaches the country

Brand: Kate Von D

Category: , Services

Release date: 07/25/2018

Metal Crush Extreme is the palette of illuminators that Kat Von D Beauty (Kendo) brand brings to Brazil in limited edition. Inspired by the best-selling Metal Crush Eyeshadow, in Thunderstruck color, it is formulated with hyper reflective microcrystals that shine and change with every movement.

The three tones with high pigmentation can be used for both subtle lighting and an electrifying metallic highlight. In addition to the cheekbones, the product can be used to illuminate the eyes, lips and body. The unique formula features smooth, creamy, easy-to-apply liquid powder technology where colors blend seamlessly to deliver unparalleled brilliance.

The packaging features original letters and illustrations hand-drawn by tattoo artist and artist Kat Von D, for collectors.

The palette has three color options: Gammaray, a metallic peach with pink and gold crystals; Helix, inspired by the color of the metallic opal stone, with gold and silver crystals; and Roseshock, pearly rose tint, with lavender and rose-colored glow particles.

The palette tones can be used dry or moist to intensify the effect.

Kat Von D Metal Crush Extreme Illuminator Palette is available in limited quantities in e-commerce and physical stores Sephora for Brazil, for the price of $ 239.00.

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