Tiffany & Co. launches Tiffany EDP female fragrance

Tiffany & Co. launches Tiffany EDP female fragrance

Brand: Tiffany & Co.

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Release date: 09/05/2018

Tiffany & Co. returns to the world of fragrances and brings Tiffany EDP, a bold, provocative, unexpected scent. An iconic identity with a modern design.

The new handmade fragrance liberates the essence of the brand in all its purity: bare skin, an aroma, color and details of jewels.

Created by Givaudan's perfumer Daniela Andrier, the fragrance begins with vibrant green tangerine notes. At the heart notes, a precious Iris flower is the main ingredient.

Harvested in France during the months of July and August, the essential oil of Iris is obtained through a unique hydrodistillation extraction process, exclusive to the Tiffany fragrance, guaranteeing a pure, luminous, sensual and lasting richness.
The final touch of the fragrance is unexpected and timeless thanks to an essential combination of soft musks and patchouli that add sensuality to the skin.

The fragrance crystal flask is inspired by the carved diamonds of the house. On the shoulders, geometric and pure lines and a touch of the turquoise blue of the mark. Camouflaged under the lid there is a metal plate engraved and inside, a delicate essence with the minimum of blue dye, which illuminates the precise cuts of the flask.

Disponível pontos de venda seletivos em todo país nas versões 30ml – R$ 299,00/ 50ml – R$ 429,00/ 75ml – R$ 549,00.

SAC: 0800 772 55 00

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