Jequiti´s Royal Madeira line develops Supreme version

Jequiti´s Royal Madeira line develops Supreme version

Brand: Jequiti

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Release date: 09/25/2018

Royal Madeira Supremo is the new launch of Jequiti's line of men's perfumes. The sixth version of the fragrance adds even more power and sophistication to the classic fragrance. This is the first Deo parfum of the brand with the unique special touch of wood of the highest quality.

For this annual brand launch, the fragrance house extracted its oils from raw materials obtained from high-quality olfactory harvests, in which three criteria are considered - purity, origin and olfactory traceability.

In the first contact with the perfume, the aromatic and vibrant freshness of the artemisia is evident, while the spicy touch of the nutmeg reinforces the remarkable personality of this creation, company says.

Royal Supreme Wood is also composed of notes of precious woods, such as the Sandalwood, which bestows elegance, Patchouli, strength and vetiver, sophistication.

Jequiti debuts the "Supreme" version in the 75 ml rectangular vial, with wood detailing and transparent lid, for the first time labeled. Celebrating craftsmanship and authenticity, the new design is inspired by the nature of the forest, adding authenticity and refinement to the product.

From the olfactory vibrant wood family, it has notes of apple outlet, green pineapple, armoise oil, citrus and cypress oil. Notes of solar body, orange blossom, precious woods, violet and nutmeg oil. And on the background notes, amber, tonka, musk, sandalwood Australia orpur, oriental, patchouli indonesia orpur, suede, vetiver Haiti orpur.

The launch can be purchased through one of the 300 thousand consultants located throughout the country or by the online store for the regular price of $ 149.90.

SAC 0800 776 7575

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