Eudora extends line and launches products to combat celulite

Eudora extends line and launches products to combat celulite

Brand: Eudora

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Release date: 10/18/2018

Cellulite, fluid retention and bloating are common problems among women. In addition to the lack of physical activity, balanced eating, and poor water intake, they can aggravate these dysfunctions. So Eudora, has extended the expert line of skin care with Neo Lipo Reducer, a family of products developed to improve the appearance of cellulite, firming and standardizing the texture of the skin.

The formulation of Neo Lipo Reducer was specially developed for Brazilian woman skin. The Anti-Cellulite Cream Gel contains 3% pure caffeine, as well as carnitine, a molecule already produced by the body that is housed in the muscles and whose main function is to turn fat into energy. In the treatment of the skin, this molecule helps to dissolve the fatty deposits that form the cellulite, acting directly in the break of fat. Its prolonged use, coupled with daily massages, guarantees the reduction of deep cellulite, fluid retention and swelling, promoting a drainage of the body, brand says. (R $ 89.99)

"Cellulite occurs because of the accumulation of fat, liquids and toxins that are lodged in the fatty tissue below the skin, causing them to swell and harden the tissue, causing the" orange peel "aspect that we know. Allying physical activities, specific products and a balanced diet helps control and prevent cellulite. ", comments Dr. Alessandra Fraga, Eudora's brand's partner dermatologist.

The Gel also strengthens the structure of the skin, reshaping the contours of the body and preventing the appearance of new undulations, resulting in a visible improvement of the elasticity, with a firmer and toned skin.

To make up the line, Eudora has also developed the Neo Lipo Body Exfoliating Reducer with exfoliating particles that remove dead cells without harming the body. Its active properties leave the skin smoother, softer and ready to receive the Gel Anti-Cellulite Cream, boosting the results of the product. (R $ 34.99)

The brand also developed a Massager to complement the care. ($ 39.99)

The products can be found through Eudora Representatives, e-commerce, own stores, kiosks or in the site

SAC: 0800 727 45 35

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