ADCOS launches limited edition of Antioxidant Kit with Vitamin C

ADCOS launches limited edition of Antioxidant Kit with Vitamin C

Brand: ADCOS

Category: , Services

Release date: 11/20/2018

For Face and Body, Vitamin C Booster Kit Brings Soap, Concentrated Serum and Anti-Aging Body Lotion in travel size packaging

ADCOS Cosmetic Treatment presents the limited edition of the Vitamin C Booster Kit as an option to gift at New Year's Eve parties or take in the bag in summer travels.

The kit arrives in stores with two brand bestsellers: Vitamin C 20 Concentrate (15ml), powerful anti-aging cream that reduces wrinkles and lines, evens skin tone and ensures prevention and reversal of signs of aging. Its concentrated formula at 20% brings three types of vitamin C (ascorbic acid, ascorbosilane C and AA2G), which together guarantee immediate, deep and prolonged action; and the Illuminating Soap with Vitamin C (60ml), for daily facial hygiene, that leaves the skin revitalized and illuminated.

For the body, the kit includes one of the brand's latest releases: the Body Anti-aging Lotion in 60ml version. It contains vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, carcinin and prebiotics, which together treat and prevent different signs of aging of the skin of the body, improving its firmness and elasticity. The product also protects against pollution, aids in immune protection of the skin and ensures hydration for 24 hours.

The Vitamin C Booster Kit is a limited edition and is available in the physical and virtual stores of the brand for R $ 240.00

SAC: 0800 722 1123

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