Puig brings to Brazil the latest international releases

Puig brings to Brazil the latest international releases

Brand: Puig

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Release date: 11/23/2018

Puig brings to the country the most recent international releases to present at Christmas.

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Classique XMAS COLLECTOR - Jean Paul Gaultier
Suggested value: R $ 519 (perfume 100ml)

The great fragrance that revolutionized the creation of perfumes with its torso shaped bottle has given a new design for this Christmas. But the traditional fragrance remains: the irresistible sweetness of the orange blossom is combined with the powerful aphrodisiac notes of ginger, while the aroma of rice powder completes with the caressing force of the vanilla.

Le Male XMAS COLLECTOR- Jean Paul Gaultier
Suggested Value: R $ 459 (Perfume 120ml)

Like Classique, Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male fragrance also kept the famous torso-shaped bottle, but with a new decoration in the Christmas mood. The masculine scent is composed of lavender, which evokes the familiar scent of shaving foam, and the sensuality of vanilla. Viril and sexy, he offers a non-conformist view of masculinity.

Lady Million XMAS COLLECTOR - Paco Rabanne
Suggested Value: $ 499 (Perfume 80ml and Travel Size 10ml)

The Lady Million Christmas kit joins the two versions of the perfume: the big diamond, of 80ml, and the Travel Size, of 10ml. The fragrance is a fresh woody floral scent like a voluptuous flower nectar of delicate and yet very present. Strong in seduction, it brings the glow of bitter orange and a hint of raspberry revealing the first chord. There is a touch of glowing and glowing neroli. The main note turns intoxicating with the orange blossom. Its softness envelops and captures the attention, with sambac jasmine accented with gardenia and snatches subtly. The patchouli rests on the softness of the honey.

1 Million XMAS COLLECTOR - Paco Rabanne
Suggested Value: R $ 459 (Perfume 100ml and Travel Size 10ml)

The fragrance that awakens the desire to be a millionaire has also gained new presentation for Christmas. The kit consists of two sizes of the version - 100ml and 10ml.

The scent has a fresh, spicy scent of leather, combining grapefruit, mint and blood orange head notes to create a bright, sparkling cocktail. Cinnamon and rose absolute provide intensity and virility in the heart. Finally, the final chord of blond leather, white wood, amber and patchouli make this fragrance a sensual and irresistible blend.

And yet, Good Girl Collector Edition Velvet Fatale
Suggested price: R $ 549 (80 ml)

Carolina Herrera launches Good Girl Collector Edition Velvet Fatale, a new collector's edition of the well succeeded Good Girl Eau de Parfum, one of the best-selling fragrances in recent years around the world. The emblematic shoe, reference and global success, is wrapped in red velvet, a design that accentuates the sensibility of the aroma. This new bottle gives a new dimension to Oriental Floral based on the brightness of jasmine and the heat of the cumaru. "Fragrances tell stories.

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