Avon brings new shades and shapes to mouth and eyebrows

Avon brings new shades and shapes to mouth and eyebrows

Brand: Avon

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Release date: 01/29/2019

Avon begins the year with makeup news: new products for eyebrows and lips, bringing new palettes of colors, textures and shapes.

Avon True's line of ultramatte effect lipsticks, worldwide branded success, consisting of red and pink tones, with a 100% matte finish but ultra-comfortable texture, now has new nude shades.

The new Nude collection brings nine skin tones for the consumer to find their exact tone, or try out all 27 colors and make new combinations. After all, variety and inclusion are priorities for Avon. (R $ 29.99)

To the eyebrow, Avon introduces Mark. Brow Tattoo: Eyeliner for eyebrows coloration. With its unique multi-faceted triple micropoint tip and available in three shades (Blonde, Light Brown and Medium Brown), the product simulates the shape of the hair to be applied where there are flaws, filling easily and ensuring a very natural and long lasting micro-pigmentation effect . ($ 39.99)
For the lips, Avon introduces Mark. Lip Tattoo, ultra-long lasting lipstick and 2-in-1 effect that help contour and fill lips at once thanks to both ends of the pencil. There are eight strong tones for a lasting and striking look, no grief in the visual, no transfer and no blur. They are: Wine, Jaboticaba, Red, Coral, Nude, Rosé, Fuchsia and Marsala. (R $ 45.99)

Launches can be purchased through the brand's catalog and resellers.

SAC: 0800 708 28 66

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