Avon  relaunches  Renew Solar Advance line and includes new products

Avon relaunches Renew Solar Advance line and includes new products

Brand: Avon

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Release date: 02/04/2019

Avon brings news for the Brazilian summer with the Renew Solar Advance line, expanding the famous line of skin care. The line is being relaunched with new packaging for the products that are sales success and features the launch of Renew Solar Advance Matte Ultraleve FPS 70 and FPS 50 with or without color.
For the daily protection of the skin of the face, the Renew Solar Advance line offers protection against the harmful effects of UVA / UVB rays, stimulates the restoration of damaged cells by UV rays, repairing 50% of the sun damage to the skin in 24 hours. The exclusive tecnology RepairShield, included in the formula, has been created to help improve sun damaged skin while providing complete protection.
Top selling items on the line, the colorless and colorless FPS 50 versions get new packaging with a more modern layout that highlights its key benefits. The FPS 50 version with color is available in 3 colors that adapt to the skin tone of the Brazilian, offering a base coverage beyond protection against the sun's rays.
The FPS 70 version has gel-cream texture, which helps control excessive shine of the skin during the day and at the same time keeps a finishing od dry touch and comfortably hydrated. It has oil free formula, which provides matte effect and no residue.
"Protecting the skin daily is a necessity for those who live in tropical countries and with a high incidence of UV rays even when we are not in the Summer. The version with SPF 70 was what was missing to complete this line and meet the need of the Brazilians," says Avon Global Director of Research and Development Anthony Gonzalez.
The launches and the Renew Solar Advance line products can be purchased through an Avon reseller or on the brand site at suggested prices of:

Renew Solar Advance FPS 50 - R$ 42,99
Renew Solar Advance FPS 50 com cor - R$ 45,99
Renew Solar Advance FPS 70 - R$ 49,99

SAC: 0800 708 28 66

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