Guerlain presents honey technologies for the Abeille Royale line

Guerlain presents honey technologies for the Abeille Royale line

Brand: Guerlain

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Release date: 02/21/2019

Scientists at Guerlain Research working together with a skin restoration specialist have found that the process of recovery from wrinkles and sagging involves mechanisms similar to those of tissue reconstruction.
Inspired by this work, Guerlain Research has extracted from the active power of bees' healing substances to create the Black Bee Repair Technology, which expands the skin's self-healing ability. Formulated on the basis of the honey of the black bee, origin and endemic of the island of Ouessant, and the exclusive royal jelly of Guerlain, this complex reactivates the key mechanisms of repair of visible signs of age: expression lines, wrinkles, firmness, elasticity, toning and density. For the first time, company announces, it reaches the signs of age caused by the nervous system (impact of the environment / stress on the cutaneous nervous system).
Honey Cataplasm Mask, state-of-the-art mask softens the signs of aging in just a few minutes, reduces 27% of wrinkles in 15 minutes. Brighten and smooth facial lines for a long time.
According to the company, Honey Cataplasm Mask's concentrated formula gives the amount of honey equivalent to the use of the Abeille Royale Double Serum for nine days, producing instantaneous effect on the skin.
Sunscreen Skin Defense Care FPS50 is the first anti-aging skincare with Abeille Royale, that protects against four light waves (UVA, UVB, blue light and infrared), which are behind inflammatory and irreversible reactions that damage collagen and thus contribute to wrinkles and lack of firmness and shine. The combined action of antioxidants and a mineral filter pigment protects the skin from oxidative damage induced by light blue and infrared rays, the company says.
Honey Cataplasm Mask is available for R$ 450.00 in a pack of four. Already Skin Defense Care for R$ 345, both found in the physical and online stores of Sephora.

SAC: 0800-170-508

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