L´Occitane brings to the country new moisturizing products Aqua Réotier with different textures

L´Occitane brings to the country new moisturizing products Aqua Réotier with different textures

Brand: L´Occitane

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Release date: 02/21/2019

L'Occitane in Provance brings to the country new products of the Aqua Réotier line of special products for skin hydration. They are products whose differential are the textures: Facial Moisturizing Gel, Gel Moisturizing Fluid and Moisturizing Facial Water.

Aqua Réotier Moisturizing Facial Gel, with Réotier source water and hyaluronic acid derivative, has a refreshing, quickly absorbable gel texture. Thousands of micro-bubbles release freshness after application, wrapping the skin in a light, non-greasy layer, hastening it and promoting radiance. (R $ 155.00)

Aqua Réotier Gel Moisturizing Fluid, light and gel texture prepares the skin with a preliminary hydration layer, enhancing the moisturizing properties of Aqua Réotier Moisturizing Facial Gel and Aqua Réotier Moisturizing Facial Cream. The fluid acquires an aqueous texture after application, instantly refreshing the skin. Its texture is between a tonic and a serum, because the concentration of ingredients is greater than in a tonic, but does not surpass that of a serum. (R $ 142.00)

Aqua Réotier Facial Water Moisturizing, light and fresh, this refreshing facial water combines the water properties of the Réotier fountain, incredibly calcium rich with the other components of the formula, including a hyaluronic acid derivative to moisturize the skin. Provides freshness at any time of the day by moisturizing and refreshing the skin for up to 24 hours, helping to fix the makeup. (R $ 99.00)

L'Occitane products are sold at the brand's stores in various parts of the country.

SAC: 0800 171 272

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