Yellow Professional launches finishing line with natural ingredients

Yellow Professional launches finishing line with natural ingredients

Brand: Yellow Professional

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Release date: 02/25/2019

Yellow Professional, from Italian multinational Alfaparf Group, launches a complete professional line for hairstyle finishing. Composed of six products, including gel, paste, wax, curler and fixation spray.

The line is natural ingredients - green coffee and aloetrix - that protect the yarn, and allow the professional to use all their creativity in incredible long-lasting hairstyles.

The gel line is extraforte, for extreme fixations. Ideal for defining hair sections by memorizing the hairstyle without leaving residue. (500ml)

Matte Paste is the capillary paste for an opaque finish. It is suitable to create or sculpt the disheveled effect with style. (100ml)

Shine Wax is an extra shiny effect wax that provides strong fixation without drying the wires or leaving residue. (100ml)

Strong Spray lacquer, for long lasting results. It fixes hair naturally and gives shines. (500ml)

And, Strong Hairspray Extra, which is a strong spray lacquer for extreme long lasting fixation. Provides extreme fixation giving body and shine to the hair, leaving no residue. Ideal for thinner hair.

And it also brings the activator and modeler of curls (100ml)

Yellow Professional products are for sale on cosmetic sites.

SAC: 0800 021 2652

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