Dailus presents collection of lip tint in gel

Dailus presents collection of lip tint in gel

Brand: Dailus

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Release date: 03/19/2019

The Dailus in line with international trends, presents its collection of lip tint in gel TIM TIM. There are three colors, for all skin tones, inspired by iconic Frozen iconic drinks: Frozen Watermelon, Pink Lemonade and Strawberry Margarita, which celebrate the natural makeup.

K-beauty star, lip tint is great makeup trend for 2019. The wildcard liquid lipstick, which is already overpopular in Asia, comes to the country to reinforce the make-on-the-make proposal, natural makeup style that has come back . Unlike lip gloss and conventional lipstick, it has no shine or texture. As the name says, it is an ink for the lips.

The formula is vegan and the texture in gel. It does not run off and is easy to apply. The product offers natural effect of spotted mouth. It has fast drying and long lasting. The colors are translucent and enhance the color of the lips. It is ideal for daily makeup.
Versatile, lip tint can also be applied on the skin, like blush, and on the eyes, such as shade, at different intensities for the make composition.
About the colors:
Frozen Watermelon is a vibrant and cheerful color. Leaves lips red. The reddish tinge of the watermelon is fresh and brings a healthy air to the make. And it is easily transportable in the bag.
Pink Lemonade is a soft tone, inspired by American-lemonade shade, makes makeup more delicate.

Strawberry Margarita is the ideal color for happy hour: an intense red to be used at any time of the day. Ensures healthy and natural blush.

The new TIM TIM collection can be found in perfumeries and pharmacies throughout the country, in addition to brand e-commerce ( for the suggested price of R$15,50 per unit

SAC – 0800 227 3333

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