Boticário launches Nativa SPA Royal Vanilla with fine perfumery

Boticário launches Nativa SPA Royal Vanilla with fine perfumery

Brand: O Boticário

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Release date: 04/04/2019

O Boticário has just launched the Nativa SPA Vanilla Royal, the new line which integrates this body care family.

Made with sophisticated ingredients for women who wish to reveal and enhance their own intensity. The secret of the authenticity of the products is in the African Vanilla Bourbon. Known as the "Queen of Vanilla", its essence is extracted from hand-pollinated orchids, guaranteeing abundant and luxuriant fava beans, which are slowly dried in the sun. An exquisite process that lasts months until its complete maturation and construction of the complexity and intensity of the fragrance of the line.

All the products for the body of the new line include in their formulas drops purified of quinoa, one of the most complete and nutritious foods. The production process that transforms it into purified drops results in 100% pure oil, which has high activity power in the skin, enhancing hydration. These purified drops help fight the lack of elasticity of the skin and increase the production of collagen. They also have microcapsules of fragrance that are activated through movement to leave the body perfumed for longer.

The fragrance Nativa SPA Queen Vanila Deodorant Cologne is from the Amber Oriental family. Addictive and enveloping, it features fruity starting notes: Raspberry, Red Fruits, Bergamot, Plum and Peach, which evolve into a heart with Frangipani, Garnish Brulle, Jasmin and Blueberry, and finish with bottom notes of Vanilla, Benjoin, Cumarina, Patchouli , Myrrh, Sandalwood, Amber and Caramel. (R $ 139.90)

The fragrance of the line brings a sustainable innovation: the Eco Alcohol. "This is an alcohol produced from the sugarcane bagasse, which in the traditional process would be burned or discarded. A renewable process that contributes to the reduction of waste and the carbon footprint in the environment, "says Vanessa Machado, manager of Personal Care at Boticário.
In addition to the fragrance, the line is composed of Body Moisturizing Lotion in the 400 ml (R $ 54.90) and 200 ml (R $ 37.90) versions; Body Moisturizing Oil 250 ml R $ 67,90; Soap in Bar Massager R $ 10,90; Ultrahydrating Cream for Hands Native SPA Vanilla Royal R $ 35,90; Body Splash Deodorant Cologne Nativa SPA Royal Vanilla R $ 59,90 and Nativa SPA Shampoo (R $ 37,90), Conditioner (R $ 40,90) and Capillary Mask (R $ 49,90) that control frizz, volume and providethe hair luminous and soft.

The packaging of moisturizing lotion 200ml, shampoo and conditioner are made with vegetable plastic, derived from sugar cane. With this, every kilo of plastic used in the packaging manufacturing, avoid the emission of 4 kg of greenhouse gases.

The complete line with all the novelties is available in all 3700 branded stores in Brazil, e-commerce and branded retailers.

SAC: 0800 729 9060

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