Nick Vick develops Antifrizz product line

Nick Vick develops Antifrizz product line

Brand: Nick Vick

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Release date: 04/01/2019

Brazilian brand Nick Vick has created the Nick Vick Antifrizz line for special care with wavy, curly and crimpy hair, gently cleansing, preventing frizz and the drying out, facilitating disentangle and for a natural, firm look.
With products ranging from cleansing to finishing with nutrition, moisturizing and shine, and benefits such as replacement of structural proteins, hair fiber repair, natural actives, using nanotechnology to bring the ingredients deep into the threads.
The brand has also developed styling products, such as gelatin memory effect, volume definition and antifrizz, a styler designed to shape and conform curls aligned and without frizz, without sticky appearance. Contains flaxseed and Nano Link. It has memory effect (greater durability of the conformation of the bunch).
The humectant oil contains coconut oil and provides hydration and shine for all types of curls, restoring the yarn and returning the shine with antifrizz action. (R $ 27.90)
With the Day After product, there is no need to wash curls again to set the ripple after a night sleep. It is a spray to control and straighten curls the next day. Contains coconut oil. (R $ 33.90)
The Mascara Cachos , for all types of curls, returns the hydration, replenishes special nutrients that the curls need, rebuilds the fiber of the hair, facilitating its conformation. Contains Coconut Oil and Nano Link. (R $ 25.90)
Leave In Cachos untangles the strands and makes the hairstyle easier, keeping the wave form, curl and crimped. Protects threads before styling with the diffuser or curler. (R $ 25.90)
The shampoo and conditioner Dreams Waves, promotes selective cleaning, eliminating only the impurities of the scalp. Prevent the frizz combat dryness and facilitate disentangle. With Coconut oil and Chia.
The Shampoo and Conditioner Cabelos Desejados (Desired Hair ) promote deep hydration and high protection power - UV and thermal, repairs hair damage from curly hair from the inside out. It helps in the drying process, firming and forming perfect curls. With Coconut Oil and Flaxseed.
And shampoo and conditioner Crespos de Respeito, intended for curly hair, which need special attention to the sealing and brightness of this yarn that has more open layers and therefore need more care and hydration. Its formula contains the Wavemax®, active plant with a rich association of flaxseed and chia. ($ 22.90 shampoos and $ 23.90 conditioners)

In 300 ml packaging, the products can be found in the specialized retail.

SAC: 11 4227-1011

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