TRESemmé develops a line to renew and prolong the look between a washes

TRESemmé develops a line to renew and prolong the look between a washes

Brand: TRESemmé

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Release date: 04/04/2019

Research conducted in Brazil by Unilever with women with different hair profiles, identified that six out of ten of them are uncomfortable with the wires on days when they do not wash

Among those who wash hair alternately, they seek a solution to prolong the outcome of chemical procedures - such as coloring and progressive brush. Among those who do not like the shape of the hair the day they do not wash, they want to reduce the root oiliness and renew the hair. But all of them want beautiful hair, with movement, regardless of whether they wash that day or not.

Considering this research, TRESemmé has created the Day 2 line of using between washes, a line professionally developed to renew and prolong the duration of the look, or even to recreate it, between a wash and another one. The line was specially designed for the Brazilian market, to meet the different types of hair of these women.

With the Day 2 line, the brand starts to offer professional quality products not only for washing, care and finishing of the threads, but also for the maintenance of the beauty of the hair.

The new Day 2 line consists of two dry shampoos: Original, 2 in 1, and Spray Revitalizer. All shampoos can also be used to texture the yarn to create a professional-looking look. Contains no sulfate, parabens and sodium chloride.
According to Fernanda Gama, marketing manager of TRESemmé, the need to care for threads on the day after washing vary according to the type of hair and the day to day of each woman. "The increasingly agitated and intense routine and the desire to remain always beautiful are increasingly dormant in our consumers. In addition, there is always that day when you did not have time to wash your hair, or the woman wants to prolong that brush or hairstyle. It was in thinking about that we decided to launch the Day 2 line, to meet this need, "says the executive.

For the Root: New Dry Shampoos bring the unique technology based on natural starch, which absorbs the root oil particles, leaves no residue visible on the wires.

TRESemmé Day 2 - Original Dry Shampoo reduces root oil instantly, leaving your hair fresh and loose with no visible residue.
TRESemmé Day 2 Dry 2-in-1 shampoo controls root oiliness and conditions wires instantly, leaving hair fresh and soft.

For Hair Length, up to the ends, TRESemmé Day 2 - All-in-One Revitalizing Spray brings several benefits on same product, without weighing the hair: hydrates, controls frizz, disentangle, protects against heat and reshapes hair without leaving hair heavy. Its light formula has been professionally developed for those who want to recreate the look between the washes. Revitalizes, redefines and controls hair on Day After. It can also be used before re-styling hair with heat - dryer, flat iron, curler.

The entire Day 2 line was developed with a new fragrance that features fresh fruit touches, leaving your hair not only revitalized, but scented every day.

"In addition to the functionality of the products, the packaging has a sophisticated design and was developed in smaller sizes, ideal for carry in the bag," concludes Fernanda Gama.

SAC: 0800-707-4471

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