Avon launches Concentrated Antioxidant Renew Vitamin C

Avon launches Concentrated Antioxidant Renew Vitamin C

Brand: Avon

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Release date: 04/18/2019

Avon brings to the Brazilian market Renew Vitamin C, a Super Concentrated Antioxidant, formulated with a concentration of 10% pure, potent and stable vitamin C in an amount equivalent to that found in 30 oranges, the company guarantees.

A key nutrient for soft, radiant skin, vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, fights free radicals, improves texture, smoothes tone and reduces facial expression lines. But because it is highly unstable, it can quickly lose potency and effectiveness.

"Taking advantage of our expertise in stabilizing this powerful antioxidant, we have developed a formulation that remains active - far more than other serums in the market whose vitamin C is unstable or even derivative rather than pure active," explains Anthony Gonzalez, director of Avon Color and Skincare Product Development.

According to the executive director of Skincare category Avon Brazil, Denise Figueiredo, "Renew Vitamin C, can be used by consumers of all ages: from those who are starting the routine of skin care to those who have tried everything, but still go in search of a treatment that gives that glow of dreams. It is a powerful ally in the daily routine to meet the different skin types of the Brazilian. "

Renew Vitamin C Super Concentrate Antioxidant can be found through representatives of Avon through Brazil, via Rappi for consumers in São Paulo and also in the site: for the suggested price of R $ 95.90.

SAC: 0800 708 28 66

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