Dailus features autumn-winter enamels inspired by llamas and boho style

Dailus features autumn-winter enamels inspired by llamas and boho style

Brand: Dailus

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Release date: 04/23/2019

The boho - bohemian homeless style, kind of gipsy, is back, refreshed, and will be one of the hottest trends of this fall / winter season in Brazil and Latin America. It set the tone on the catwalks of major fashion weeks This year's international showcases in a more elegant and sophisticated mood, in which ethnic, hippie, oriental and punk references combine with romantic and vintage styles. Arid landscapes and country animals are also part of this fashion mix and the llamas were the inspiration.

The new DAILUS enamel collection. LHAMASTÊ brings five colors of creamy enamels for the fall / winter season 2019.

With vegan formula and creamy texture, the new enamels provide intense shine and long duration, and are easy to apply. The names of the colors represent the strong personalities of the llamas in the moments when they leave their natural fun state: PURE DEBOCHE; I´M NOT WILLING !; SENTIMENTAL, I AM ONE OF THOSE; HAHA PATIENCE! and ONLY FOR FOOD.

"The color palette was chosen based on trend searches. The five colors of LHAMASTÊ stand out all over the world: in the makeup, in the luxury brand windows, in fast fashion stores, in the decoration, in the art, and now in our enamels, "explains Isabella Galindo, Dailus' official makeup artist.
PURE DEBOCHE: When the warm days go away, the yellow reappears in deeper and denser tones, pulling towards the mustard.

I´M NOT DISPOSED!: An orange, modern brown earthy enamel.
SENTIMENTAL, I AM ONE OF THOSE: a powerful pink-burnt tone, a new nude.
THERE´S PATIENCE !: A strong color, wine revisited and rosy background, to represent this state of mind.
ONLY FOR FOOD: a dramatic green. This version of color, unusual, is the face of the boho wave that has returned to trend.

The new collection is now available in perfumeries and pharmacies throughout the country,
e-commerce brand ( The enamels have the suggested price of R $ 6.00 each.

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