Love Beauty and Planet arrives in Brazil

Love Beauty and Planet arrives in Brazil

Brand: Love Beauty and Planet

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Release date: 04/30/2019

This month comes to Brazil the beauty brand Love Beauty and Planet, the first vegan and sustainable brand of Unilever. In order to bring beauty with purpose, the brand offers nourished hair, radiant skin and love for the planet at the most affordable prices.
They are unheard-of hair care items, soaps and vegan deodorants, which bring unique fragrances extracted from sustainable sources. Love Beauty and Planet presents four lines to help in the recovery of damages, nutrition of the threads, to detoxify the hair and, still, to leave more definite curls, with exclusive formulation developed for the Brazilian women.
The brand was designed for women who worry about beauty, but do not want their consumer choices to impact the planet. That's why the brand brings natural ingredients like murumuru butter, shea butter and coconut water; and silicone-free formulas in hair products - which are replaced by organic coconut oil, and contain no dyes or parabens. The shampoo for curls and liquid soaps are sulfate free; and the deodorants are free of aluminum and alcohol.
The brand's conditioners also feature the exclusive Fast Rinse technology, which allows for faster rinsing without compromising the result. Thanks to it, you can save 10 seconds with each bath.
The products are certified by the Vegan Act and PETA, the flasks are made of 100% recycled PET plastic (and they are also recyclable) and the brand is committed to establishing partnerships with organizations that help people and the planet, so it will arrive with the seal of WWF-Brazil.Linhas e produtos:
CURLS INTENSIFY, for the curly and crimpy hair of Brazilian women. With Murumuru Butter from the Amazon, an ingredient known for its power of nutrition and hydration. The products for the hair define the curls, leaving them with movement and brightness. The fragrance of Curls Intensify brings the freshness of the rose petals of Bulgaria. Both liquid soap and deodorants provide care and hydration to the skin. The line consists of shampoo (300mL), conditioner (300mL), mask treatment (190mL), cleansing cream (190mL), combing cream (200mL), deodorant stick (84g), deodorant cream (50g) and liquid soap (300mL).
HOPE AND REPAIR - this line contains Virgin Coconut Oil in its formulation. Nourishes and helps recover damaged hair, avoiding double ends and leaving them softer and healthier. For the skin, the liquid soap brings a tropical touch and a feeling of hydration. Its freshness comes from the fragrance of ylang ylang flowers from the island of Comoros. The line consists of shampoo (300mL), conditioner (300mL), treatment mask (190g), combing cream (200mL) and liquid soap (300mL).
SMOOTH AND SERENE - the main active of this line helps in the hair nutrition so that they become more soft and with controlled frizz. It is the Golden Oil of Argan, Morocco, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins F and E, and with the relaxing fragrance of French lavender. The sensation of relaxation is also characteristic of deodorants and soap. Line brings: shampoo (300mL), conditioner (300 mL), mask treatment (190g), deodorant stick (84g), deodorant cream (50g) and liquid soap (300mL).
ENERGIZING DETOX is the line for normal to oily hair. Created with Australian Melaleuca Oil, known for the power of detoxification, the shampoo cleans deeply, gives volume to the hair and delivers a detox invigorating to the skin. Its fragrance comes from the vetiver of Haiti, which provides an energizing and fresh feeling. The line consists of xampu (300mL), conditioner (300mL) and liquid soap (300mL).
All Love Beauty and Planet products are dermatologically tested and safe for use on all skin types or dyed hair. The brand is available in pharmacies, markets, hypermarkets and e-commerce, as well as in exclusive perfumery stores, and also in small specialized retailers.
The suggested retail prices to retailers are:
Shampoo 300ml: R $ 24,90
Conditioner 300mL: R $ 27,90
Cream of Combing 200mL: R $ 19,90
Treatment Mask 190g: R $ 24,90
190ml Cleaning Cream: R $ 21,90
Liquid soap: R $ 21,90
Deodorant Stick (in bar): R $ 26,90
Deodorant Cream: R $ 26,90

SAC: 0800-7077512

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