Narciso rouge arrives in the country

Narciso rouge arrives in the country

Brand: Narciso Rodrigues

Category: , Services

Release date: 05/15/2019

RR Perfumes brings to the country the feminine fragrance Narciso rouge. With this fragrance, the designer opens a daring world of perfume, more impetuous, mysterious and highly non-toxic. The NARCISO rouge woman is ardent, confident and irresistible.

The base of the fragrance lies in the heart of the Narcissus perfume, the seductive musk, deliciously enlivened by an exquisite floral bouquet of Bulgarian roses and irises. The base notes, composed of vivid amber, vetiver, black and white cedar are leveraged by tonka and reinforce the burning character of the fragrance, imparting urgency.

"With this new chapter, I wanted to raise the seductive nature of the original NARCISO. Eau de parfum rouge is not only sexy; awakens passion," said Narciso Rodrigues.

Narciso Rouge arrives to the country in the versions 30ml - R $ 448,00 and 50ml - R $ 702,00.

SAC: 0800 772 55 00

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