Dermage develops purifying and anti-residue shampoo

Dermage develops purifying and anti-residue shampoo

Brand: Dermage

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Release date: 05/17/2019

To combat the effects of pollution, wind, pool, sea, excess oil and chemical residues that make hair heavy and sticky. Dermage launches the Revicare Detox Shampoo to complement the Revicare line.

Developed specifically for deep cleansing and purifying the scalp, the product contains Black Charcoal, activated charcoal derived from bamboo which has detoxifying properties and functions as a sponge, absorbing and removing impurities, oils and excess chemicals.

It is a potent anti-waste, capable of effectively combating toxins and impurities, promoting purifying and refreshing action on the scalp, allowing lighter, loose yarns.
In addition to Black Charcoal, the Revicare Detox Shampoo formula contains Panthenol, responsible for preventing dryness of the scalp, strengthening and brightening, and protecting against external damage.

Without parabens and dyes, the product has pH 6.5 (anionic). It is suitable for all types of hair, but should always be finished with a mask for sealing the hair.

Suggested price is R$ 59,00 (200mL)

SAC: 0800 024 1064

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