L´Occitane en Provence brings to the country Sérum Immortelle Overnight

L´Occitane en Provence brings to the country Sérum Immortelle Overnight

Brand: L´Occitane en Provence

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Release date: 05/17/2019

Formulated with 3,000 microcapsules² of essential oil of immortelle, jambu extract and marjoram extract, the Sérum Immortelle Overnight has presented, according to the company results in tests, since the first application.
Since 2001, L'Occitane en Provence has been investing in the development of high-efficiency products to aid the fight against the signs of aging, based on the properties and exceptional power of immortelle, considered the "flower of youth" since it remains alive even after of harvested.

Sérum Immortelle Overnight Reset helps the skin to prepare itself better at night to its intense daily life and presents results from the first application.
It is scientifically proven that our modern, often intense, lifestyle impacts directly on premature aging and skin fatigue.

The Serum Immortelle Overnight Reset is suitable for all skin types, in all seasons. With a delicate texture, quick absorption and lightweight finish on the skin, it helps to care for skin at night, the best period of the day. The skin looks less tired, smooth-looking, lighted and healthy-looking after just one night of use, thanks to its formula containing a powerful trio of ingredients: 3,000 microcapsules² of Immortelle's essential oil, known for its properties antissinais; Extract of jambu: protector of the skin, helping to protect it from external factors and Extract of marjoram: conditioner that helps in the smoothness of the skin.

Its formula is composed of 84% natural ingredients and has eight different patents¹ combined in an exclusive innovative technology. After four weeks of use of the product the skin has a more uniform and smoother texture, becomes more radiant and with thin lines less visible.

The product is an additional care in the routine of beauty of the skin and should be applied in the night, after demaquilar, clean and tone the skin, before the application of specific care products like moisturizers and anti-signs, for example. The use is indicated with the face clean and dry, including around the eyes, massaging gently. (R $ 340.00)

SAC: 0800 171 272

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