Guerlain brings L´Essentiel Base

Guerlain brings L´Essentiel Base

Brand: Guerlain

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Release date: 05/16/2019

Women want a foundation that offers coverage, but let the skin breathe. They want a natural base but that offers results, with formulas that respect the balance of the skin.
What women want is the essential. Guerlain then brings to the country his collection of bases L' Essential, 'with everything that women want', company guarantees.

Formulated with 97% ingredients, the base offers 16 hours of glow with natural finish, among them mineral pigments and marine and vegetable actives. The 3% of artificial ingredients have been consciously chosen to ensure impeccable sensory quality, long lasting fixation. Theyhelp optimize the formula's integrity and durability over time.
L'Essentiel offers smooth and silky texture, with constructible cover ranging from light to medium, without ever losing its luminosity and natural glow.

They contain a duo of extracts from red algae and tara gums (Caesalpinia tinctoria) which leaves skin to breathe and protects against pollution. The white cocoa seed extract moisturizes the skin and protects it from the blue light. TThe technology is inspired by probiotics and prebiotics that balance the skin and tighten its barriers. For a hydrated, balanced and protected skin. Fresh and uniform. * (tests done in vitro)

The perfection of the finish is a little better every day. And the result of makeup is more and more beautiful. (* Clinical evaluation done by dermatologist in a Caucasian woman aged 38 years after one month.)

The L'Essentiel base is free of oil, alcohol or silicone in the formula and arrives in Brazil in 14 shades, with SPF 20, for R $ 299. The retractable brush made with activated charcoal reaches R $ 259. L'Essentiel will be sold exclusively in Sephora.

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