Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau So Decadent reaches the Brazilian market

Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau So Decadent reaches the Brazilian market

Brand: Marc Jacobs

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Release date: 05/23/2019

A new vibrant facet of glamor and luxury emerges in the Marc Jacobs Decadence portfolio. An evolution of the irreverent spirit seen in Decadence, Decadence Eau So Decadent is decidedly feminine and indulgent, with a carefree appeal. This new expression inspires women to reveal themselves in a moment of freedom and to enjoy something for themselves.

Puro, luminoso e generosamente luxuoso, Decadence Eau So Decadent introduz frutas suculentas e florais radiantes para criar uma assinatura feminina na entrada, enquanto o âmbar branco revela sensualidade para uma base luminosa e suave.

Pure, luminous and generously luxurious, Decadence Eau So Decadent introduces juicy fruits and radiants floral to create a feminine signature at the entrance, while white amber reveals sensuality for a light and soft base.

The fragrance, developed by Annie Buzantian, from the Firmenich fragrance house, is described as sumptuously floral Sheer. It brings in the top notes: Nashi Pear, Blackcurrant, Green Ivy. In the heart: Pink lily, Magnolia, and Jasmine base: White Amber, Cashmere woods, Raspberry.

The flask, inspired by the Marc Jacobs´s hand bags, brings in the design (Established Nyc in collaboration with Marc Jacobs) the union between fragrance and fashion, positioning the fragrance as the ultimate luxury accessory. Now the vial has been repaginated with feminine details and smoothed notes. It is coated in a frosted glass allowing the brightness of the green liquid. The same for the outer packaging, which brings a luxurious gold logo.

The perfectly arched snake lid brings a splash of pink, and green touches creating a sensual contrast between light and dark, a gold chain wrapps the jar to a lush edge.
The new fragrance is distributed in Brazil by RR Perfumes for selective perfumeries, in the Eau de Toilette versions - 50 ml (R $ 609,00) and 100 ml (R $ 759,00)

SAC: 0800-7725500

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