Eudora launches Siàge Intenso Smooth for even smoother hair

Eudora launches Siàge Intenso Smooth for even smoother hair

Brand: Eudora

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Release date: 05/30/2019

Eudora, brand of Grupo Boticario, launches the line Siàge Liso Intenso, for the care of smooth hair: smoothed, natural and with unwanted waves.

The formula is enriched with the creatine protein and the Liss Effect complex, which blocks the frizz-causing agents and rebellious strands, providing repaired, hydrated and 2x smoother hair.

Composed of shampoo, conditioner, treatment mask and finishing sealant, the launches count on the exclusive technology Affinitè 3D, which treats the thread even after the rinse. Highlight for the Liso Intenso Finisher Sealant that offers thermal protection up to 230 °, seals wires, eliminates frizz, reduces breakage due to mechanical damages, and facilitates the finishing of a mechanical brush or flat iron. In addition, it provides 'progressive effect' for up to three months.

"The Siàge Liso Intenso line promises to revolutionize the market, its smart formula fits smooth hair, with unwanted natural waves guaranteeing twice smoother hair without frizz for much longer," says Eudora's official hairstylist Marcos Proença.

Shampoo Liso Intenso (for an effect of intense flat hair) has moisturizing formula, clean without drying, guarantees wires aligned, soft and shiny. (R $ 23.99)

Intense Smooth Conditioner is highly conditioning, untangles the threads immediately, facilitates brushing and prevents breakage, leaving hair more soft and moisturized. (R $ 25.99)

The Liso Intenso Mask restores the lost capillary mass, reducing up to 71% of the break by brushing. In addition to providing soft touch and luster, it moisturizes without weighing the wires. (R $ 45.99)

Liso Intenso Finish Sealer seals the threads by blocking the frizz making the wires more aligned. Protects, facilitates the hair straightener and plaque, ensuring much smoother wires, hydrated tips and movement. (R $ 35.99)

The launches can be found with the Eudora Representatives, e-commerce, own stores, kiosks or in the site

SAC: 0800 727 45 35

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